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Weiss Test Chambers – Automotive industry specific environmental simulation technology for functional and safety tests

Automotive test chambers, Weiss

Environmental Simulation Technology for Professionals: E-mobility – Communication – Comfort – Durability – Safety – Drive Technology

We will give you extensive consultation, undertake project planning and install testing systems which give you the reliabiltiy and safety you require:
Individual special solutions based on well-tried components according to national and international guidelines and laws for environmental simulation technology in the manufacturing of automobiles.

Environmental simulation technology which has been a fixed constituent of quality management of many renowned manufacturers for many years.

  • Climate Test Chamber with Dynamometer
  • Climate Test Chamber with Road Simulator

  • Altitude Simulation Chamber
  • Fuel Conditioning System

  • Testing of car-components
  • SHED (Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination)
  • VT / VV Mini-SHED

  • New ways to mobile energy supply...
  • Temperature and Climate Test Systems for Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Vibration Test Chambers WT-V / WK-V
  • WT / WK Ex – Explosion-Protected Temperature and Climate Test Chamber (ATEX)
  • With high speed to top quality – WTS3 / WKS3 Test Chambers
  • Vötsch VTV/VCV series temperature and climatic test chambers in combination with vibration 

Environmental simulation technology for professionals
For years, this environmental simulation technology has been a constant component in the quality management procedures of several renowned manufacturing companies.