Battery testing standards and test specifications

Compliant battery testing – Battery tests determined according to international standards include tests in the areas of environmental stress, electricity, mechanical stress, and performance/aging.

Battery testing standards and test specifications

A wide range of standards and test specifications define the type of tests that must be carried out on batteries. In order to achieve reliably comparable results at all times, the prerequisites and the test procedure are precisely defined. We support you in the planning and implementation of a tailor-made solution for your testing task. Of course, we adhere to all relevant standards and specifications and advise you in detail if required.

Test – Temperature Cycles 
Standards – IEC 62660, IEC 62281, ISO 12405, ISO 16750, UL 2580, UL 2271, UL1973, UL1642, UL 2054, SAE J2929, SAE J2464, FreedomCAR, GB/T 31467.3, GB/T 31485 LV-124, UN 38.3, Telcordia GR-3150-CORE, UN ECE R100 
Test Equipment – TempEvent / ShockEvent / Temperature Walk-In 

Test – Constant Temperatures 
Standards – UL 2580, LV-124, BATSO 01, UL 2271, ISO 16750, IEC 62660, IEC 62620, IEC 61960, ISO 12405, QC/T 743, Telcordia GR-3150-CORE, DOE-INL/EXT-15-34184 
Test Equipment – TempEvent / HeatEvent / Temperature Walk-In 

IP Tests 
Standards – BATSO 02, LV-124, ISO 16750 
Test Equipment – Dust Test Device ST / Spray and Splash Water SWT

Corrosion Tests 
Standards – UL 2580, UL I19973, LV-124, ISO 16750, Telcordia GR-3150-CORE 
Test Equipment – SaltEvent / Corrosion Walk-In / AirEvent 

Test – Mechanical shock/Vibration 
Standards – IEC 62660, IEC 62281, IEC61960, ISO 12405, IS/FDIS 6469, SAE J2929, SAE J2464, UL 2580, UL 1642, UL 2271, UL 1973, UL 1054, UN 38.3, LV-124, BATSO 01, BATSO 02, FreedomCAR, UN ECE R100, Telcordia GR-3150-CORE, GB/T 31467.3, QC/T 743 
Test Equipment – ShakeEvent 

Test – Altitude Simulation 
Standards – UN 38.3, IEC 62281, GB/T 31485, UL 1642, BATSO 01, Telcordia GR-3150-CORE 
Test Equipment – SkyEvent

Test – Damp Ait/Dewing 
Standards – ISO 12405, ISO 16750, GB/T 31467.3, LV-124, SAE J2929, UL 1973, Telcordia GR-3150-CORE 
Test Equipment – ClimeEvent / ClimeEvent Walk-In 


Automotive Test Standard LV 124 describes the most important standardized tests for energy storage devices in the automotive industry. We would be pleased to inform you about how our solutions can reliably meet the requirements of LV 124. 

Tests requested

  • Vibration
  • Mechanical shock
  • IP tests
  • Condensation and climate tests
  • Temperature shock
  • Splash water test
  • Temperature tests
  • Sun radiation
  • Salt spray test
  • Noxious gas test

Classification in dangerous goods classes 
Standard UN38.3 is based on the transport regulations for dangerous goods and describes the tests for classifying energy storage devices in dangerous goods classes. It is a worldwide valid standard that is binding for all manufacturers of electrical energy storage devices.

Tests requested

  • Vibration
  • Mechanical shock
  • Crush test
  • Altitude simulation
  • External short circuit
  • Overloading
  • Deep discharge
  • High-temperature test
  • Forced unloading