The new Eco range from weisstechnik – standard Environmental Testing Chambers

Are you looking for a simple, cost effective solution for your environmental testing needs? Then the new Climate Test Chambers ClimeEco is the chamber for you.

ClimeEco Climate Test Chambers

The new ClimeEco family of economical Environmental Testing Chambers impresses due to its performance, its simple design and its availability. Test your products with ClimeEco to ensure that their function and performance can be maintained over their expected lifetime and under typical climate conditions.

ClimeEco is an ideal solution for design and development departments as well as quality control in all industries – especially food production and cosmetics.

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The functional all-rounders for your standard tests. 
Many environmental simulation tests have to be highly standardised. This is exactly what our new ClimeEco is designed for. The proven technology ensures, temperature and humidity tests meet European quality standards.

Available in no time at all – Simply order and start testing!


Your standards compliant tests

  •  Low temperature tests
  •  High temperature tests
  •  Temperature change tests
  •  Constant climate tests
  •  Climate change tests

Your benefits

  • Standardised – tests for constant climates, temperature change, heat and cold
  • Precise – reliable reproducibility
  • Economical – sufficient equipment at an attractive price
  • Clever – automated test sequences
  • Best service

Become more efficient.
With ClimeEco you will save time and money. 



  • Compact equipment with clear design
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Low investment costs


  • Uniform design with full temperature range
  • Uncomplicated selection of standardised packages
  • Fast delivery


  • Reliable coverage of common standards
  • Precise implementation of test standards
  • Service–Helpline ensures smooth operation

ClimeEco test chamber data sheet

  • Test space volume (litre): 180, 340, 600, 1000, 1500
  • Minimum temperature (temperature range up to 180 °C): –40,  –40 and –70
  • Temperature change rate (K/min): 3
  • Humidity range (% RH): +10 to +98
  • Dewpoint temperature range (°C): –3 to +92
  • Humidity constancy, in time (% RH): ±1 to ±3
  • Temperature constancy, in time (K): ±0.1 to ±0.5
  • Temperature homogeneity, spatial (K): ±0.5 to ±2
  • Heat compensation climate test (W): 300, 400