EmissionEvent_Fape test chamber

EmissionEvent, Fape test cabinets

By way of the so-called Fape test, the subsequent formaldehyde emission from construction materials can be detected and its concentration can be determined. More
Lithium-ion batteries testing 1, emission test chamber

Emission test systems for lithium-ion batteries

Weiss not only has extensive series production safety equipment as standard test units. Special add-on components can be supplemented for testing lithium-ion batteries tailored to the different hazard levels. More

EmissionEvent test chamber VOC 1000

Test chambers EmissionEvent VOC 1000

With emission test chamber EmissionEvent VOC, it is possible to evaluate scientific and production-technology measures for limiting emissions in car interiors. More

Global UV3 200 test unit

Global-UV test unit – Global UV3 200

Staggered simulations of natural weathering in devices always requires a restriction of the number of climate values or their cyclic alterations. The Global-UV test unit simulates the most important climate factors which are relevant for ageing. More

VCE Emission test chambers, Votsch

VCE Emission test chambers to characterize volatile organic compounds (VOC)

The relevant factors and their effect on the emission behavior of materials in connection with suitable measuring methods can be used to evaluate emission together with the Vötsch chamber. More

Emission testing, formaldehyde test chamber

Fape +60 and Fape +60x2 – Formaldehyde test device

Detecting invisible dangers pursuant to EN 717-2 across automotive and processing industries. More

RL-Shed temperature and climate chambers

SHED – Emission testing chambers – Sealed housing for evaporative determination

The SHED chambers by Weiss Umwelttechnik in which temperature can be conditioned comply with the detailed specifications laid down in the standardized evaporation and emission regulations. More

VT, VV, Mini-SHED temperature and climate chambers

VT/VV Mini-SHED – Emission test chambers

VT Mini SHED Chambers are used e.g. for permeation tests in fuel tanks or for HC emission tests in vehicle components carrying fuel. More

Weiss fuel conditioning system

Fuel conditioning system

Fuel conditioning systems are used to carry out ORVR refuelling in vehicles in compliance with legal regulations and to test vehicle tanks. More

E-WK I Test Chambers

E-WK I – Scientific measures and product testing

Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from materials and products can be determined under precise test conditions.

VT-Shed, VV-Shed, temperature and climate test chambers

Hermetically sealed emission test chambers – Product range

The goal of emission tests is to detect and determine the concentration of undesirable substances, which are released by materials and components of all kinds. These tests have become standard in contemporary safety assessment and quality control. More