Fuel conditioning system

Fuel conditioning systems are used to carry out ORVR refuelling in vehicles in compliance with legal regulations and to test vehicle tanks.

Weiss fuel conditioning system

In addition to the supply tank, the main components comprise a heating and cooling system, booster pumps, counters, various gasoline pumps, active or passive gas vapour recovery as well as a control unit and special accessories.

Normally vehicles and/or fuel tanks are refuelled that are in the SHED chambers. The hydrocarbon concentration, for example, that occurs when fuels evaporate is determined in the SHED chambers. The system has the following functions

  • Circulating, tempering fuel
  • Refuelling vehicle
  • Pumping fuel out of the vehicle
  • Emptying system

The fuel can be cooled and heated. The controller for the fuel is situated directly in front of the petrol filling pistol (outlet of the fuel line). In front of the discharge nozzle is an additional digital volume flow meter. In addition to the digital volume flow meter, a 4-piston meter is used for measuring the flow. This meter generates output signals for volume flow and volume; this is necessary for performing the ORVR tests.

The system enables

  • Fuelling with all common
  • Fuels temperature conditioning of the test fuels
  • Fuelling with defined fill rates and quantities

Technical Specifications

  • Tank volume 200 l

  • Temperature range +5 ... +60°C 

  • Temperature constancy ±0,5°C
  • Feed rate max 80 l/min