ATEX directives_Explosion protection_Battery testing

ATEX directives – Explosion protection for test systems

ATEX directives are valid throughout Europe to ensure the safe operation of industrial plants and test equipment, climate chamber in potentially explosive environments or under potentially explosive conditions. More
Safety and security during battery testing

Safety and security during battery testing

The potential effects and dangers of a malfunction increase as the battery storage capacity increases. Safety in the testing laboratory is, therefore, a top priority for us. More

Test chambers for battery testing

Battery testing at Weiss

Sophisticated test technology is required to test the safety, reliability and performance of electrical energy storage devices for vehicles under all thermal, climatic and mechanical stresses. More

Battery testing standards and test specifications

Battery testing standards and test specifications

Compliant battery testing – Battery tests determined according to international standards include tests in the areas of environmental stress, electricity, mechanical stress, and performance/aging. More

Engine test rigs, weistechnik

Engine Test Rigs – Automotive solutions from Weiss

Our test equipment meets all extreme environmental requirements, the integration of safety devices, and the realization of high level automation in order to achieve efficient and reproducible test results. More

Climatic test tunnels

Climatic tunnels

Climatic tunnels for testing refrigerated trucks - testing of trucks, refrigerated displays, heat pumps, etc. More

A future-oriented automotive industry

Innovation at full speed

To deliver higher performance with reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions, the weight of cars must be reduced. The key to this is bre-reinforced plastics, such as have been used up to now exclusively in racing cars. More

Conditioning systems for electric test rigs

Conditioning systems as an add-on for electric test rigs

Special test systems are required to test the durability of electric motors and generators under different environmental conditions. Models of WeissTechnik and VötschTechnik. More

Test system for lithium-ion energy storage

Test system for lithium-ion energy storage systems

Alternative drive systems are a central component of the automotive future. We work together with you to exactly tailor our li-lo test systems of the weisstechnik® and vötschtechnik® brands to your test conditions. More

Rain chamber, leak testing system

Rain chamber / Leak testing system

In particular, many electrical components have to be permanently water- tight, as they must work reliably even under the most adverse weather conditions. Test a wide variety of test specimens as to their tightness. More

Sealed housing for evaporative determination, SHED, Weiss Technik

Sealed housing for evaporative determination (SHED)

SHED test chambers are used to measure the hydrocarbon emissions of cars and car components. The verification is undertaken in the SHED test chamber, equipped with the necessary technology and software for implementing tests and documenting results. More

Test rigs for vehicle air conditioning, Weiss

Test rigs for vehicle air conditioning

In order to optimally reproduce the vehicle architecture, we offer integrated or modular conditioning units on the basis of conventional or alternative refrigerants. More

ATEX, explosion protection for climate chamber

ATEX and explosion protection

What is explosion protection and when is it required? When must test systems be designed in accordance with ATEX directives? These are just some of the questions asked by our customers. More

Climate test chamber with multi-axis shaker table_MAST_Weiss Technik

Climate test chamber with multi-axis shaker table (MAST)

For temperature controlling and cooling specimens on a shaker table that provides translational and rotational movement about the three spatial axes. More

Airbag test system

Airbag test system

Our temperature chamber for pre-regulating the temperature of airbag modules combines a temperature setting chamber with an automatic travelling system for airbag modules on a rail system with a drive unit. More

HALT/HASS Test chambers, Weiss

HALT-HASS Test chambers

Test equipment for highly accelerated life test and stress screen applications. The chambers are equipped with a Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) cooling system. The vibration table is a state-of-the-art, six degree-of-freedom (6DoF) tri-axial vibration table. More

EmissionEvent test chamber VOC 1000

Test chambers EmissionEvent VOC 1000

With emission test chamber EmissionEvent VOC, it is possible to evaluate scientific and production-technology measures for limiting emissions in car interiors. More

Assembly test chamber WT/VT 550/60

Assembly test chamber WT/VT 550/60

In order to determine possible weaknesses or ageing-induced damages in the development and production processes of materials or electronic components in advance, they have to be tested under realistic temperature conditions – WT/VT 550/60. More

Test rigs for Engine Cooling Systems, Weiss Technik

Test Rigs for engine cooling systems

Test rigs for engine cooling systems allow the high precision and fully reproducible simulation of the complete air and fluid area with the integration of all relevant supply modules for charge air, engine oil, gear box oil and coolants. More

Vibration testing cabinets, WT3-V, WK3-V, Weiss

WT3-V and WK3-V Vibration testing cabinets

The vibration test chambers WT3-V and WK3-V series will enable you to simulate dynamic processes as well as the associated combined mechanical and thermal / climatic stresses that act on components and devices. More

Vehicle headlamps testing

Climatic-temperature test equipment for testing of vehicle head lamps

Wind, Rain, Sun and Under-pressure – The combination of tried and proven climatic and environmental simulation and an integrable head lamp test enables you to qualify vehicle headlamps by testing under reproducible conditions. More

Automotive test chambers, Weiss

Test systems for automotive industry – Product range

Weiss Test Chambers – Automotive industry specific environmental simulation technology for functional and safety tests More

VTV_VCV Temperature, climatic, vibration test chamber, Vötsch

Vötsch VTV/VCV series temperature and climatic test chambers in combination with vibration

Dynamic and climatic safety testing – Temperature and climatic test chambers in combination with vibration – Our VTV and VCV series with up to 15 K/min temperature change rate. More

WTS3, WKS3, test chambers, ESS, Weiss

Stress screening systems WTS3/WKS3

The Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) systems produced by Weiss Umwelttechnik establish new standards for easy operation, high performance and good equipment. More

VT, VV, Mini-SHED temperature and climate chambers

VT/VV Mini-SHED – Emission test chambers

VT Mini SHED Chambers are used e.g. for permeation tests in fuel tanks or for HC emission tests in vehicle components carrying fuel. More

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