Test system for lithium-ion energy storage systems

Alternative drive systems are a central component of the automotive future. We work together with you to exactly tailor our li-lo test systems of the weisstechnik® and vötschtechnik® brands to your test conditions.

Test system for lithium-ion energy storage

In comparison to other mobile storage systems, lithium ion batteries and fuel cell technology have become established. Increasingly larger applications require storage systems that both have a very high energy content and supply a high level of power.

An energy storage system must be as safe as possible. External loads, e.g., caused by high or low temperatures, fast temperature changes, humidity, mechanical loads or corrosive influences, must not lead to failure or unintended reactions.

During the temperature tests, overload conditions or malfunctions may occur. They could ultimately result in batteries being destroyed. With the ever increasing size of storage systems, the impact of a malfunction becomes larger and the potential danger when testing lithium batteries increases. Therefore, when doing such tests safety in the laboratory, above all personal safety, has the highest priority.