ATEX directives – Explosion protection for test systems

ATEX directives are valid throughout Europe to ensure the safe operation of industrial plants and test equipment, climate chamber in potentially explosive environments or under potentially explosive conditions.

ATEX directives_Explosion protection_Battery testing

They supplement the measures specified in the hazard levels, which only consider the danger of overpressure-induced explosions of housings. ATEX also takes into account the dangers of explosive mixtures that may occur during a battery test if gas is introduced into the test space by the test specimen.
Depending on the hazard potential, battery test systems may also require safety measures in accordance with ATEX standards.
Is ATEX protection required? In our opinion, yes.
Together with our customers, we analyze the hazard potential of their test projects, also with regard to the risk of gas explosions.
Depending on the requirements, we equip our battery test systems with safety devices in such a way that they reliably meet the required ATEX guidelines.
Abuse tests for batteries – Withstand maximum stress
Abuse tests push electrical energy carriers to the limit (of their capability) – and sometimes even beyond. Batteries are exposed to extreme stress such as extremely high or low temperatures, mechanical damage such as crushing or electrical loads such as short circuits or overcharging and deep discharge.
These tests under extreme conditions require particularly high safety standards for test equipment.

WeissTechnik is currently developing new test systems for abuse tests.