Test Rigs for engine cooling systems

Test rigs for engine cooling systems allow the high precision and fully reproducible simulation of the complete air and fluid area with the integration of all relevant supply modules for charge air, engine oil, gear box oil and coolants.

Test rigs for Engine Cooling Systems, Weiss Technik

The Weiss Technik test rigs are suitable for calorimetric and functional tests as well as thermal strength tests and endurance tests.

Reliable measurements are ensured by 
A closed, or optionally an open, air circuit with the addition of external air for low energy consumption feeds the cooler on the air side with up to 40,000m³/h at +20°C to +90°C.

Tests with a high degree of repeatability to determine the cooling capacity and calorimetric tests are achieved thanks to the precise control circuits for mass air flow and temperature.

Uniform flow profile of the air in the whole flow through area allows even testing of coolers with large surface areas.

The compact overall design integrates the supply modules for charge air, motor oil, gear box oil and coolants.

A water cooled, electric drive for cooling fans is also included to test complete cooling modules. The heating capacity of the coolant circuit goes up to 250kW in order to simulate real operating conditions on high performance coolers.