Climate chambers EKE – Material test system

Innovative moisturising for tensile tests under extreme conditions – Weiss Technik tensile test cabinets Series EKE – Testing beyond the ambient conditions is essential for your tensile tests.

Climate test chambers EKE, Weiss
The EKE series of climate chambers for material testing machines is being characterized by an additional dimension of climate regulation.
Moisturizing by a Weiss designed efficient system guarantees an accurate control.


  • E-Type – compact model with single cooling machine behind the testing space up to -30°C
  • C-Type – the versatile do-it-all on ground rails
  • M-Type – separate testing space and machine unit with flexible lines

Standard model 
Temperature range -30/+180°C or -70/+180°C 

  • Humidity control 10-90%RH
  • Damp tight welded stainless steel isolated test space
  • Removable wedges for good access to the test specimen
  • Heated door window with interior lighting
  • Wall port 50 mm
  • Communication RS232 Modbus for link to tensile tester software
  • Dimensions exactly adapted to your tensile tester or material testing machine


  • Weiss Simpac Touch Panel with LAN and USB connection
  • Program control
  • Guide rails with lock
  • Water cooled condenser for cooler installation room
  • Reducing rings for use on various testing machines
  • Window in the side wall
  • Other options on demand.