Climate cabinets WK3, VC3 and stress screening cabinets WKS3, VCS3

Seasonal differences, different climate zones – your products have to withstand various thermal and climatic conditions during manufacturing, transport, storage and use. – Test chambers WK3, VC3, WKS3, VCS3

 WK3, VC3, WKS3, VCS3 climatic and stress screening cabinets

The WK3 / VC3 and WKS3 / VCS3 climatic test cabinets of the Weiss Technik and Vötsch Technik brands will help you to test the impact of sunlight, temperature and humidity on the properties, functionality and service lives of your products.

The WK3 / VC3 and WKS3 / VCS3 climatic test cabinets are available with temperature change rates of 3K/min to 25K/min. Thanks to the sophisticated construction and high quality workmanship, the test cabinets have excellent temperature consistency and humidity consistency guaranteeing  correct and reliable results.

Passionately innovative, Weiss Technik

Reliable measurements are ensured by

  • Perfect, environmentally-friendly insulation of the test room
  • Steam tight design thanks to machine welded seams
  • Optimised air circulation and therefore the best temperature distribution
  • Adaptive control system
  • Performance optimised temperature-regulating and patented climate system

Our environmental simulation chambers and systems are available under the brand names Weiss Technik and Vötsch Technik.

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