Splash water test chamber SWT200/400

Ingression of water into enclosures is tested. In conjunction with a timer, the test cycle can be automated with a settable test time of 3 sec. to 30 h.

, splash water test chamber

According to DIN VDE 0470 T1 or EN 60529 for testing to protection classes IPX3 and IPX4.
Thanks to the integrated circulation equipment, water consumption can be reduced to a minimum.

Picture shows Test Chamber with options!


  • IP X1, IP X2 Dripping unit

  • IP X3, IP X4 Nozzles, Sprinkler

  • IP X5, IP X6 Jet nozzle

  • IP X9K High pressure nozzle


  • Glass door with wiper

  • Pneumatical drive of swivel tube

  • Adjustable swivel angle

  • Replaceable swivel tubes

  • Nozzle fittings can be swivelled and replaced

  • Adjustable water volume flow and measuring

  • Control of test duration