Dust test chamber ST2000

Having the same functionality as ST 1000 but larger in size, this chamber allows for the functional and dust protection testing of specimens using air saturated with dust particles

ST2000, dust test chamber

According to DIN VDE 0470 T1 or EN 60529 for testing of the protection classes IP 5 X and IP 6 X.

Main Features

  • Waste air exhaust via dust filter
  • Abrasion resistance of all components in contact with the dust
  • Transparent doors for easy charging, surrounding special gaskets
  • Dust collecting section below the test chamber
  • Wiper
  • Vertical air flow

Technical specification

  • Test space volume 2.000 l

  • Test room lighting
  • Mobile design

  • Ports 50 and 100 mm

Picture shows Test Chamber with options!