Splash water test chamber SWT600/800

Having the same functionality as SWT 200/400 but larger in size, this test chamber allows for the testing of water intrusion volume for each specimen. Optional accessories are available for this test chamber.

SWT600-800, splash water test chamber


  • IP X1, IP X2 Dripping unit

  • IP X3, IP X4 Nozzles, Sprinkler

  • IP X5, IP X6 Jet nozzle

  • IP X9K High pressure nozzle


  • Glass door with wiper

  • Pneumatical drive of swivel tube

  • Adjustable swivel angle

  • Replaceable swivel tubes

  • Nozzle fittings can be swivelled and replaced

  • Adjustable water volume flow and measuring

  • Control of test duration