Ozone test chamber WK3 180-0-OZ

High acceptation for Ozone-Resistance-Tests by rubber-containing specimen! Embrittlement by the use of Ozone-admission. Beginning with fissures, proceeding destruction of the specimen.

WK111-180-Oz, ozone test chamber

The ozone measuring and control system continuously takes samples of gas volume and automatically corrects (closed control circuit) any losses/fluctuations of the O3 concentration. The ozone is produced locally, because of the very short decay time (ca. 30 min).

Main advantages

  • Powerful and uniform temperature /climate conditioning

  • Ozone Range 25 - 200 pphm 

  • Easy access to the maintenance components

Technical specification

  • Temperature range +10 ... +60°C

  • Climate range +20 ... +40°C

  • Humidity range 30 ... 75% r.F. 

  • Control system: Controller Board SIMPAC