WK3 Climate Chamber – The revolution in the world of environmental technology!

The operating philosophy of the new WK3 is to enable users to access operating and control functions as well as to provide manual access to processes quickly and conveniently all over the world.

WT3, WK3, temperature and climate test chambers

Temperature & Humidity Test Chambers

The standard WK3 is equipped with the large 12" TFT touch screen monitor for convenient and easy operation.

Furthermore, the chambers are equipped with an illuminated CONTROLPAD* that permanently displays the current operating state and the operating parameters. Users thus have a clear view of all important processes and can complete their work just using their fingertips.

The chamber is opened by simply touching the radio remote control. This also ensures that the chamber cannot be unlocked by unauthorized persons. Authorized users have access at all times to the current application via the integrated network interface and the webserver on the Internet and thus get the feeling that they are standing right in front of the unit.

The technical features of the new WK3 generation have also been optimized.

Manufacturers place great importance on a high level of operational reliability and performance of their products. The WK3 is in the position, to maintain all climate parameters during continuous operation - e.g. at 85°C/85% relative humidity, even under exceptional conditions, e.g. midsummer outdoor temperatures or extreme climatic conditions inside the product.

WT3 and WK3 Test Chambers – The innovations at a glance

Our WT3 and WK3 test chambers have the ability to perform reproducible temperature and climate tests in all application areas of quality control and improvement.

Perfection in performance and equipment...

  • Convenient electric door handle with radio remote control
  • Optimised test space lighting with automatic timed switch-off
  • Optimised guidance of the air and temperature distribution – better than ±1.5 K
  • Extreme heat during the summer is no problem – the systems are designed for that
  • Standard humidity bath flushing to prevent contamination of humidification water
  • Long-time testing +85°C/85% r. h. possible
  • Large water container easily accessible

 Infotainment … Virtually without limits

  • TFT-colour touch screen display
  • Lighted CONTROLPAD* for displaying the operating state and the actual values
  • Industrial PC with Windows XP Embedded
  • Integrated recording of measurement data
  • Data transfer via Ethernet or USB stick
  • Process visualization for circulating air and cooling circuit
  • Auto-adaptive control system with continuous self-optimisation
  • Networking with other test systems possible
  • Remote control and remote monitoring possible via intranet or internet
  • Integrated service information system