Temperature test chamber WT

The temperature test chambers of the WT series are both highly effective and economical. They are equipped with everything which is required to perform cold-heat tests in extreme ranges complying with the relevant standards.

WT, temperature chamber

No compromises regarding temperature tests

Due to their compact dimensions these chambers are perfectly suitable where space is limited in factories and laboratories.

The main advantages

  • Compact design
  • Easy operation
  • Low noise level
  • Beneficial price / performance ratio
  • Plug-in design, connection to shock-proof socket
  • Low connected load
  • 3.5’’ TFT-colour touch panel with simple, menu-guided user interfaces as a convenient interface with the operator (no programming knowledge necessary)
  • USB and Ethernet interface
  • High-precision temperature conditions
  • Networking with other test systems possible
  • Remote control and remote monitoring possible via intranet or internet
  • Integrated service information system
  • Low energy consumption


  • Test space volume: 64 to 450 litre
  • Temperature range: -75 to +180°C

The test chambers allow reproducible temperature tests to be performed in all areas of research, development, production and quality control.
Regardless of the form and composition of the test specimen, efficient, even temperature control and climatisation in the test space guarantee high temperature constancy, which in turn ensures accurate test results.

Standard version

  • Digital measuring and control system SIMPAC*
  • 3,5’’ TFT-colour touch panel for convenient entering of fixed values and programs with graphic representation of the target and actual values, runtime, etc.
  • SIMPATI Program Tool
  • Refrigeration unit, air-cooled
  • Port 50mmØ in the right side panel
  • Safety cut-out against high temperatures 
(protection of test specimen)
  • Ethernet and USB interface
  • Potential-free contact for specimen disconnection
  • Calibration of 2 temperature values


  • Observation window with test space illumination
  • Software SIMPATI
  • Temperature measurement on specimen
  • Compressed air drier
  • Additional access ports
  • Rack with shelf
  • Additional shelves
  • Laboratory trolley for WT 64, 120 and 240