Stability testing according to ICH Guideline Q1A

The exceptional build quality, innovative product features, accuracy and smart controls allow for the safest and easiest stability testing. VP series 280, 280-T, 600, 600-T, 1300, 1300-T, 2000, 2000-T pharma test chambers.

Stability testing according to ICH Guideline Q1A

VP Series 280 | 280-T | 600 | 600-T | 1300 | 1300-T | 2000 | 2000-T

Vötsch pharmaceutical cabinets have been specially developed to meet the requirements of test laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry.
VP Series cabinets come in four sizes and can provide a constant climate (Types 280, 600, 1300 and 2000) or just a constant temperature (Types 280-T, 600-T, 1300-T and 2000-T).

The working range of the cabinets easily meets the requirements of the ICH Guideline Q1A. Furthermore the systems are designed to work at 5°C continuously without defrosting. The cabinets also permit the implementation of tests with other specifications in the performance range of the respective system. Controlling of temperature and humidity is performed with highly precise sensors in combination with a specially designed control unit. The control system responds quickly in order to correct set-point variations caused by:

  • The influence of the cabinet’s contents (absorption or emission of water vapour by the test specimens or their packaging) 
  • External influences (e. g. laboratory temperature, opening of door)

Standard scope of delivery

  • Microprocessor monitoring and control SIMPAC with 3.5“ colour touch panel for entering of set-point values
  • Ethernet interface
  • Fully integrated user management in the control panel
  • Calibration of 2 temperature and 2 humidity values
  • Software temperature limiter for min. and max. test space temperatures
  • Alarm system according to GAMP
  • Interior fittings are entirely made of stainless steel
  • Door contact switch
  • Water tank with automatic and manual water supply of demineralized humidification water
  • Lockable doors
  • 4 castors, of which 2 have brakes
  • Air-cooled refrigeration unit with low noise emission
  • Patented vapour humidification system (Sterile Steam System)
  • Capacitive humidity sensor
  • Entry port, Ø 50mm, in the right side panel
  • Operating manual
  • Multi language touch panel (German, English, French, Spanish, …)
  • 280L units on 6 feet
  • 280L units are stackable

Most important Options

  • Software package SIMPATI Pharma for recording and processing of measurement values
  • Integrated Datalogger

  • Networking of several systems
  • Serial interface RS 232 C

  • Registration of temperature and /or humidity
  • Integrated UPS to keep the recording alive during a power-failure

  • Additional temperature and / or humidity sensor

  • Acoustic and optical warning signal

  • Refrigeration unit, water-cooled

  • Glass door, heated

  • Height adjustable feet

  • Additional shelves

  • Additional entry ports

  • Demineralisation unit with exchangeable cartridges for connection to local water supply
  • Qualification documentation for equipment and SIMPATI software

  • Special voltages

  • Analog outputs
  • Maintenance contracts with defined response time