New generation climate test chambers for stability tests on pharmaceutical products

Pharma 600 / 600T, Pharma 1300 / 1300T, Pharma 2000 / 2000T
 – 3rd Generation.

 Weiss pharma climate test chambers

Changes in May 2013

  • New Simpati User Management

  • New 3.5“ Touchpanel

  • Simpac New Release, with integrated Memory

New Options

  • Integrated Data Logger on Board

  • UPS for Data Logger

  • User rights in combination with Simpati-Pharma


  • 80mm Insulation
  • Reduced Height
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Reduced Nominal Power

  • Approved für ambient temperatures up to +35°C


  • The interior fittings are entirely made of stainless steel offering a stor age area of 2.07m2 (Pharma 600), 4.14m2 (Pharma 1300) and 6.21m2 (Pharma 2000)bon 6, 12 or 18 loose shelves which are supplied as a standard feature

  • The working range of the cabinets easily meets the requirements of the ICH Guideline Q1A

  • The cabinets also permit the implementation of tests with other specifications in the performance range of the respective system
  • Controlling of temperature and humidity is performed with highly precise sensors in combination with a specially designed control unit

  • The control system responds quickly in order to correct setpoint variations caused by

  • The influence of the cabinet’s contents (absorption or emission of water vapour by the test specimens or their packaging)

  •  External influences (e. g. laboratory temperature, opening of door)

Reduced Height

  • Pharma 600 – old 2015mm – new 1995mm

  • Pharma 1300 – old 2015mm – new 1995mm

  • Pharma 2000 – old 2070mm – new 2001mm

The units are fitting through a standard door

The depth can be reduced to 880mm by disassembling the Water Tank Cover.

Reduced Nominal Power

  • Pharma 600 – old 2,3 kW – new 1,5kW

  • Pharma 1300 – old 2,7 kW – new 1,8kW

  • Pharma 2000 – old 3,7 kW – new 2,5kW

Up to 50% lower energy consumption!

35°C Ambient Temperature

  • Pharma 600, 1300 and 2000 are tested for higher ambient temperatures
Still suitable for 220/230V 50/60Hz

  • Temperature range 5-60°C in temperature mode

  • Temperature range 10-50°C in humidity mode

  • Suitable for continous operation at 5°C