Pharmaceutical test chamber – Product range

A wide range of standardised climate cabinets for stability tests from 34 l up to 2160 l and walk-in staibility test chambers in nearly every required size or suitable to your premises provide the ideal solution for every application.

Pharmaceutical stability testing

Temperature and humdity can have a strong influence on the quality of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Therefore the preparate can loose the efficacy through wrong storing conditions. In the pharmaceutical industry API and Medicines are tested under long term conditions to determine the shelf life time.

  • VB Pharma stability test chambers
  • VT 3050 Pharma
  • Stability Testing – GMP and FDA compliant reliable solutions for the pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical test chamber
  • Climate chamber WK3-0
  • Walk-in pharma test chambers
  • Photo-stability test chamber type 500-L
  • WTL / WKL – Temperature and climate test chambers for use in laboratories
  • New generation climate test chambers for stability tests on pharmaceutical products
  • Stability test walk-in chambers  VTZ, VCZ Pharma 


  • Walk-in test chambers for stability testing according to ICH Guideline Q1A
  • Temperature test chambers VTL and climate test chambers VCL
  • Stability testing according to ICH Guideline Q1A
  • Photostability testing according to ICH Guideline Q1B
  • Photostability test chambers in accordance with the ICH Guideline Q1B options 2