Weiss C series – Temperature and humidity system 

The test chamber features extremely precise air conditioning and innovative humidifier water bath which not only provides spray-free humidity control but also reduces humidity at the same time.

Weiss-C, climate test chambers

WEISS climatic chamber C-SERIES – A cost-effective solution!

Key benefits

  • The circulating air is cooled while flowing over a patented heat exchanger and heated by electrical resistance heaters in order to achieve the desired set values in the shortest possible time.
  • An intelligent air flow system guarantees utmost spatial as well as temporal accuracies even with the test space loaded.
  • A proprietary psychrometric measurement system allows high accuracy over a long operational lifetime.
  • The water bath technology combined with the innovative sensor assures a highly accurate climatic control in an extensive climatic range.

Standard Chamber Features

  • Test Space: 190-1.540 liter
  • Min. temperature: -40°C (-70°C)
  • Max. temperature: +100°C (+180°C)
  • Observation Window with size of (W)450mm X (H)600mm
  • Ethernet Interface
  • 4 Potential-free digital I/O channels
  • Solid state heater relays
  • 2 Soft silicon plugs
  • 2 Port holes of 50 mm and 125mmØ on the left and right hand side, respectively
  • 1 insert shelf
  • Movable Design
  • Adjustable specimen protection device with separate sensor (specimen protection according to EN 60519-2, 1993)
  • Dehumidifier coil to prevent forming of condensation on test specimens
  • SIMPAC equipped with a high performance CPU and threshhold monitoring system
  • Patented psychrometric humidity measurement system
  • Water shortage indicator
  • Special temperature conditioning system at climatic operation for best temperature and humidity constancies


  • Software SIMPATI
  • Serial RS 232/485 interface
  • Additional shelves
  • Temperature up to +180°C