Fingerprint development cabinet (FDC) – CrimeEvent

The CrimeEvent environment simulation cabinet has been developed to quickly develop and visualise fingerprints using 1,8-Diazafluoren-9-one (DFO) and ninhydrin processes.

Fingerprint development cabinet CrimeEvent

Controlled temperature conditions in combination with high humidity accelerate the ninhydrin process, thus producing excellently clear finger traces in just 3 minutes. This means that important information for combating crime can be provided almost immediately.

The cabinets are available as desktop units with a 185-litre capacity or as floor-standing units with a capacity of 600 litres.

Fast – Efficient – Flexible

  • Results in less than 3 minutes
  • Higher throughput in less time
  • Simultaneous processing of different-sized objects and multiple samples


  • Flexible shelving system
  • Adjustable timer and alarm
  • Independent excess temperature thermostat
  • Combined temperature and humidity sensor
  • Crossflow air system