WK3-0 series – Climate test chambers

Our climate chamber WK3-0 was designed to simulate different climates and/or seasonal climates and climate zones, in particular for long-term and accelerated stability tests.

WK3-0, climate chamber

World climate zones simulated in the laboratory...

The specimens which have to be exposed to a long-term test and/or an accelerated service life test played a primary role throughout the entire development and construction.

Main advantages

  • Energy-saving climate conditioning systems
  • Maintenance-free temperature conditioning and humidification systems
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Stability tests as per the ICH guideline, climate tests in which the climate remains constant as per DIN 50 014 and IEC 60 068-2-3 and additional test can be easily performed
  • Device can also be used as a temperature test chamber
  • High versatility


  • Test space volume: 190 to 1.540 litre
  • Temperature working range: -10 to +90°C
  • Climate working range: +10 to +90°C
  • Humidity working range: 10 to 98% r.h.

Standard Chambers Features

  • Digital measuring and control system SIMPAC
  • 3.5’’ TFT-colour touch panel
  • SIMPATI program tool on CD-ROM for convenient programming of control via PC
  • Auto-adaptive control system
  • Ethernet and USB interface
  • Psychrometric humidity mea- surement with automatically wetted, self-cleaning sensor
  • Refrigeration unit, air-cooled
  • Ports 50mm and 125mmØ in the left and right side panel
  • Safety cut-out against high and low temperatures (protection of test specimen as per EN 60 519-2 adjustable, with separate sensor
  • Insertion rack
  • Adjustable and vibration absorbing feet
  • Automatic water supply without interrupting operation
  • 4 potential-free outputs
  • 4 inputs (24V DC)
  • Calibration of 2 temperature values and 2 climate values
  • Large water container, easily accessible
  • Humidity bath flushing for cleaning of the humidifier water


  • Large observation window with lighting
  • SIMPATI software package for Windows, as off XP
  • A detailed leaflet is available upon request
  • Water-cooled version for cooling tower, chilled water or mains water
  • Additional shelves for optimum loading of test space
  • Additional ports 50, 80, 125mmØ
  • Other voltages and frequencies
  • Calibration in deviation to the standard
  • Annual calibration possible
  • Independent capacitive humidity sensor (temperature and humi- dity measurement) on a terminal 0 - 10V
  • Door hinged on right side Qualification documentation