Climate chambers for laboratories and production processes – Product list

Return on investment and convenience are the main factors that come into play when deciding to bring test chamber equipment in house instead of relying on outside testing facilities, benefits.

Laboratory test chambers

  • Energy optimization – Analysis, evaluation and implementation
  • Corrosion Test Chamber for combined climate, temperature and salt spray tests
  • WK 3-0 Series of Climate Test Chambers – High Performance for all Climate Requirements
  • WT3 and WK3 Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers
  • Photostability testing according to ICH Guideline Q1B 
  • First climate test chamber WK BM1000 with integrated measuring robotic system
  • Weiss Environmental Protection
  • Temperature shock test – from hot to ice cold in less than 10 seconds
  • Weiss C Series – Temperature and Humidity System
  • Perfect for application in the laboratory – WTL/WKL test chambers
  • Temperature Test Chambers WT – From Cold to Hot...
  • Tailor-made Test Chambers
  • New Generation Climate Test Chambers for Stability Tests on Pharmaceutical Products
  • Fape +60 and Fape +60 x2 – Formaldehyde Test Device as per EN 717-2
  • Remote management systems – SIMPATI Simulation Package for Test System Integration
  • Solar simulation chambers SunEvent
  • VB Pharma stability test chambers
  • VT Temperature test chambers with the ideal class for laboratories
  • Temperature test chambers VT minis – Test systems for small test specimens
  • Temperature test chambers VTL and climate test chambers VCL
  • Stability testing according to ICH Guideline Q1A