ShockEvent D (Damper Shock) Temperature Shock Test Chamber

The new ShockEvent D with its static test chamber is ideally suited for vibration-sensitive measuring technology and sensor technology as well as for active test material that is to be temperature-shocked without further influences.

NEW Damper Shock test chambers

The special feature of the damper shock method is its static test chamber. Tempered hot and cold air is generated in chambers above and below the test chamber. The user allows the air to flow into the test material via dampers. 

The test material is shocked by abrupt temperature changes in the stationary test chamber within a very short time (2-zones). It is possible to let ambient air flow in. This offers more flexibility for the test scenarios (3-zones). Another advantage of the stationary test chamber is the simple cable guiding for measuring equipment. The cables are stationary in the test space and do not move, unlike in other shock test modelsDamper Shock Temperature Shock Test Chamber