Testing of car-components

Endurance Strength Test Stand, Combined Corrosion Testing System, Cooling Cycle Test Stand
, Endurance test stand for vehicle compressors

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Endurance Strength Test Stand

The Endurance Strength Test is performed by fixing specimens onto a 2 x 2 m test bench in the temperature test chamber. This is dynamically stressed under temperature influences via hydraulic servo actuators. Conditioned air is supplied into the test chamber through ducts from a remote conditioning system.

Combined Corrosion Testing System
For vibration, climate and corrosion testing of axles, half axles and parts of axles. The operating reliability test bench enables the combination of the test parameters – temperature, humidity, corrosion with NaCl, CaCl and MgCl solutions with simultaneous vibration in the x, y and z axes.

Cooling Cycle Test Stand

or testing and measuring the performance of complete vehicle air conditioning systems (CO2 and R134a). Due to the transcritical working conditions, the CO2 is cooled in a coaxial heat exchanger. It is also 
possible to measure the torque at the compressor and the refrigerant mass flow.

Endurance test stand for vehicle compressors
Vehicle components testing with cold splash water and Arizona dust.