Fitotron EGR Walk-In Economy Growth Rooms (MH)

The Fitotron EGR Economy Growth Rooms have been designed as a cost effective option for when the primary objective is to grow large amounts of plant material in standard controlled conditions.

Fitotron EGR-MH Economy Growth Rooms

The Fitotron EGR Economy Growth Room (MH, metal halide version) is ideal for the cultivation of plants requiring medium to high light levels (e.g. C4 plants.) The user is able to individually control temperature, humidity and various light intensitie.

Fitotron EGR Economy Growth Rooms enable the grower to maintain controlled growing conditions of temperature and humidity in a 24h period with independent selection of photo periods. A full range of ‘day/night‘ cycles with ‘dawn/dusk’ effects can be programmed. 


  • LED-lighting technology
  • Water-cooled refrigeration
  • CO2 control
  • Extension of minimum temperature to +4°C (lights off/minimum) for vernalisation studies
  • Biological containment filtration

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