Fitotron EGR Walk-In Economy Growth Rooms (FL)

The Fitotron EGR Economy Growth Rooms have been designed as a cost effective option for when the primary objective is to grow large amounts of plant material in standard controlled conditions.

Fitotron-SGR-FL Walk-In climate rooms for plants and insects

Fitotron EGR Economy Growth Rooms (FL, fluorescent version) enable the grower to maintain controlled growing conditions of temperature and humidity in a 24h period with independent selection of photo periods. A full range of ‘day/night‘ cycles can be programmed. They are ideal for the researcher to grow large amounts of a variety of plant materials in a standard performance envelope without compromising flexibility or control.

The Fitotron EGR Economy Growth Room multi-tier version has three levels of illuminated growing areas in free standing mobile lamp frames. The user is able to individually control temperature, humidity and various light intensities.


  • LED-lighting technology
  • Water-cooled refrigeration
  • CO2 control
  • Additional flexibility using mobile, multi-tiered light racks and growing benches
  • Biological containment filtration

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