Vacuum test chambers VTH and VCH / WT-D and WK-D

Aaircraft must resist extreme temperature fluctuations and humidities in vacuums. It is therefore important to test these highly stressed components for quality and durability before use.

Vacuum test chambers VTH, VCH and WT-D, WK-D

With our vacuum test chambers, you can simulate extreme environmental conditions. Combined temperature and vacuum tests ≥ 400mbar and temperature ranges from -70°C to +180°C can be reproduced. The measurement results provide you with reliable data to optimize the development and production processes.

You need more?
Our SkyEvent climate test chambers cover even more extreme test conditions.

Well-arranged – easy to maintain – safe

  • The test chamber itself is optimally visible thanks to a sophisticated door construction
  • Easy to handle thanks to its compact design
  • Protection of the test sample thanks to independent test sample protection with separate sensors.


  • Water-cooled capacitors
  • Contactless heating circuitry
  • Humidity ranges of 15 to 95% Rh for climate tests reproducible