Innovation Award 2020 – The refrigerant of the future

The EU F-Gas Regulation makes innovation for environmental simulation more in demand than ever. The weisstechnik® was cooperation with partners in search for an R23 replacement. The result of research is WT69 / R469A, the refrigerant of the future.

Innovation Award 2020_The refrigerant of the future

Almost all environmental simulation systems depend on stable, obtainable refrigerants.
Test applications between -70°C and +180°C do not only stress the test specimen, but also the test device itself and the supplies. Therefore weisstechnik® general rule is: no compromises with safety, non-flammability, performance. At the same time they want to be as environmentally-friendly as possible and pioneer in industry with energy-efficient, long-life products and new refrigerants.

To become independent of regulatory exceptions, the weisstechnik® are developed an own refrigerant for the deep temperature range. It is 90% less harmful as a greenhouse gas. This is part of they aspiration to always offer the best-fit solution for a long product lifetime.

Award-winning refrigerant – WT69 / R469A 
The jury of the German Innovation Award (GIA) has honoured WT69 / R469A twice:

  • In the category chemical industry with the prize in gold on the 1st place and
  • in the category energy solutions as "winner".

Since 1954, the German Design Council has been awarding the prize to innovations that have a lasting effect.