Electronica 2014 – electromobility, energy efficiency and sustainability

26th International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications, Messe München, 11 – 14. November 2014

Electronica 2014, trade fairThis unique industry event presents the state of the art in innovative electronics – a diverse range of components, pioneering hardware and software solutions and complete systems and applications – on 143,000 m² of exhibition space. It all revolves around the latest hot topics such as electromobility, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Electronica – the leading international trade fair, that

  • gives companies access to profitable markets and new branches of industry and lucrative sales potential,
  • showcases important technologies and makes new trends a topic of discussion - and provides global orientation in the process,
  • provides concrete perspectives and gives business strong impetus. 

The exhibitors present you, as a specialist of the electronics industry – from the automotive and industrial electronic via embedded and wireless to medical electronic and MEMS – new products and suitable solutions for today and tomorrow. electronica presenting itself with such a quality and quantity of participants means pure business  - and is therefore unequalled in the industry.

Visit our principal

  • Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbHSimulationsanlagen – Messtechnik, Hall A1 Booth 438 

Product and service range 

  • Test systems, miscellaneous
  • Simulation software 
  • Aging test equipment 
  • Burn-in equipment 
  • Measurement cabinets and chambers 
  • Environmental simulation/test equipment 
  • Specialized laboratory/test equipment, miscellaneous 
  • Calibration/test equipment services

Areas of Application

  • Automotive 
  • E-mobility 
  • Electronics for railway technology 
  • Electronics for office and data-processing 
  • Electronics for aviation, aerospace and defence 
  • Electronics for other consumer goods 
  • Industrial electronics 
  • Medical electronics 
  • Photovoltaics 
  • Telecommunication, wired 
  • Consumer electronics, entertainment electronics
  • Other renewable energies 
  • Wireless