Control 2016 – Quality Makes the Difference

Control 2016 brings together users from all over the world with the international market leaders and innovative suppliers of all QA related technologies, products, subsystems and complete solutions in hard and software.

Control 2016, 30th Control international trade fair for quality assurance

30th Control – International trade fair for quality assurance

The 30th Control international trade fair for quality assurance will take place at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from the 26th through the 29th of April, 2016.

Serving Quality Assurance for 30 Years 
The Control international trade fair for quality assurance will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2016! 30 years of Control mean 30 years of industry history and 30 years of development in the field of QA. But above all, 30 years of Control stand for the insight that quality assurance is not a bothersome and expensive evil for manufacturing companies, but rather a key function which influences value creation for production plants of all sizes in all industry sectors!

CONTROL – The world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance 

When trade fair promoter Paul E. Schall ventured to promote a trade fair targeted especially at the complex issue of quality assurance in 1987, QA was in many cases still stigmatised by a “wallflower” image and was dismissed as a matter of little relevance. However, as customer requirements became stricter and competitive pressure from around the world increased, an entirely new and expanded role was assigned to quality assurance, which was provided with an integrated information, communication and business platform by the Control international trade fair for quality assurance as a highly practical presentation and procurement event.

CONTROL – Quality Assurance Makes Efficiency Measureable! 
Today, Control functions on the one hand as a globally recognised industry event with internationally recognised, leading trade fair character. On the other hand, Control serves as a technology and trend barometer for state-of-the-art quality assurance and sets the pace where the presentation of world’s firsts and forward-looking innovations are concerned. Furthermore, with just under 1000 exhibitors from 32 countries, Control showcases worldwide offerings with regard to hardware and software technologies, components, modules, subsystems and complete solutions.

A greater spectrum of variants, smaller quantities, economic (!) production with manufacturing lot sizes as of 1 piece and extreme pressure to meet deadlines for JIT deliveries – the challenges faced by production, and thus integrated quality assurance as well, couldn’t be more extensive and complex. Control does justice to this situation each year, and ensures that new developments, optimised products and systems, as well as highly promising innovations are put into actual industrial practice without delay – because only in this way can they provide quick benefits and help companies sharpen their competitive edge!

The same applies to the implementation of new production philosophies and structures like Industry 4.0. In this respect, quality assurance is long since more than just a passenger– it’s a driver, because processes are controlled and regulated above all on the basis of concrete QA data, in order to work efficiently and economically in all process steps. Control presents the necessary expertise for stand-alone and system solutions ranging from technologies and processes right on up to complete systems and high-speed data exchange, and is thus significantly helping to shape current and future structures for Industry 4.0.

Conventional mechatronic measuring instruments and 3D metrology, microscopy and endoscopy, image processing and vision systems, manual handling of test objects and individual components or robot-aided series inspection – the Control international trade fair for quality assurance is the world’s only trade fair to exhibit all of the relevant ways and means of assuring streamlined, economic manufacturing and assembly of all types of high quality products.

Visit our principals!

  • Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH, Simulationsanlagen – Messtechnik, Hall 1, Stand 1215
  • Vötsch Industrietechnik GmbH, Umweltsimulation – Wärmetechnik, Hall 1, Stand 1215