WT/WK Walk-In test chambers

Our Walk In Chambers are a range of temperature and climate test chambers especially developed for large test specimens that cannot normally be tested in a standard-sized test chamber.

Walk-In temperature and climate chambers

WEISS Perfection in performance and equipment...


  • Best stability of wall elements, non-slip floor, lighted test space

  • Heating to prevent formation of condensate at the door frame

  • Uniform temperature conditioning of test space

  • Easy access to machine unit for maintenance purposes

  • Global and competent after-sales service

  • Variable size and performance for individual application

Technical data

  • Temperature range: -40°C ... +180°C, -60°C ...
  • 180°C
+ Humidity range: 10 … 95 % r.h.
 between: +10°C ... +90°C

  • Standards possible: DIN, EN, ISO, MIL, IEC, DEF, ASTM

  • Control system: Controller Board SIMCON/32*-NET with Color-Touch-Panel