SIMPAC advantages of web and software packages

The new SIMPAC Control Software is one of the most user-friendly control programs available.The design and functionality of S!MPAC is such that it allows users to spend minimal time on the complexities of programming and to concentrate on the test.

Weiss SIMPAC, control system

SIMPAC Control Software
Using a 12 inch, 8 inch, or 3.5 inch TFT colour touch panel, a wide range of user programmable options can be selected. Temperature and humidity conditions can be set at the touch of a button, in addition to day/night timings. Up to 100 programmes can be stored in the memory so that popular programs can easily be run.

The trend screen gives a graphical representation of the conditions inside the chamber. SIMPAC automatically alerts the user to any technical problems and can also display information for servicing of the chamber, such as the length of time it has been in use for example.

Additional features include

  • Limit value monitoring system – for temperature and humidity
  • Diagnostic system – for information on operating times and possible operational failures
  • Serial interface RS 232C – for connection to a host computer system or networking
  • USB interface – for data exchange via USB stick or as printer interface
  • Ethernet interface – for embedding into the network



SIMPAC Web is a web server provided with every SIMPAC controller board, featuring

Chamber information

  • e.g. construction info (type, equipment number), software version information and status information (errors, maintenance state)
  • Manual operation: e.g. setpoints, start/stop tests, option
  • Automatic operation: e.g. start/stop programs and create/edit programs
  • Password protection: web pages and a service area
  • Flexible user management: up to 5 users can be specified and up to 10 web pages/directories can be protected

Advantages of the SIMPAC Web package include

  • Free with every S!MPAC controller board
  • No extra costs
  • No program installation necessary
  • No hardware panel necessary
  • Works with many browsers
  • Password protection
  • Unified service area for S!MPAC controller board