The SIMPATI TimeLaps visual documentation system

Digital camera images are generated by specialist software at set intervals and led in a general archives folder, in addition to and in correlation with the capture of traditional measured data.

SIMPATI Time labs visual documentation system
A combined analysis of measured data and images brings new and valuable findings to light. Especially about when a specific event has occurred.

SIMPATI time labs

  • Parallel documentation of images and measured data
  • Up to 6 cameras in HD quality
  • Individual camera selection, be it industry or notebook cameras, endoscopes, microscopes, webcams or thermal imaging cameras.

SIMPATI time labs documents

  • Corrosion – Progress of the process
  • Dewing – Surface precipitation – Moisture accumulation
  • Electronics – Functional impairment – LED / LCD display reactions   
  • Liquid level – Changes to filling level
  • Material behavior – Deformation
  • Mechanics / movement – Fan standstill – Valve control – Valve timing.