Service team qualifications

Our service group regularly takes part in service trainings organized by represented manufacturers, moreover our experts' EU qualified knowledge complies with both national and European regulations.

Service team qualifications

Weiss environmental simulation test equipment service representative

Since the end of 2005 Amtest assumes full-scope sales / servicing representations for German Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH and by the end of 2015 for Vötsch Industrietechnik GmbH in Hungary.
Amtest-TM Kft places great emphasis upon the continuous re-training of its personnel. In order to make sure we would be always up-to-date in the field of equipment operation, repair, and maintenance, our service staff regularly attends trainings organised by Weiss Technik.

IMV vibration test systems service representative

From 2011 Amtest-TM obtained the sales and service representation of the IMV brand.
The service team of Amtest-TM, which doubled over the current year and took part in continuous trainings, is fully capable to provide the same uniquely high standard maintenance and servicing for IMV vibration testing machines as Customers have been enjoying from them in Hungary and in the surrounding countries regarding climatic chambers, and other brands of vibration testing systems serviced so far.

Our service team EU qualifications

Complying with the expectations of the profession, local and EU regulations:
as well as those in Government Decree No. 310/2008. (XII. 20.) issued by the Hungarian Monitoring and Certification Body for Refrigeration (HMCB), all our staff performing repairs of cooling equipment and air-conditioners have Category 1 Qualified General Cooling Technological Technician skill (BLUE card).

Our service technicians are authorized to carry out installation, maintenance, servicing, mandatory leakage testing, and coolant handling regarding all fixed cooling / air-conditioning, and heat pump cooling circuits. Validity of authorization can be crosschecked on the HMCB home page.

Pertaining to the 303/2008/EC regulation, the qualification is valid, too, in the rest of the EU States.

The qualification complies with §23(4) of the 1005/2009/EC regulation regarding ozone depleting substances and, based on the 842/2006/EC regulation on glass house effect generating substances, it also complies with those in Paragraph 5 of the 303/2007/EC regulation.