Benchtop test units

With the decrease in size of manufactured electronic equipment has come an increased demand for small-sized test equipment that takes up less space and is easier to find room for in the lab, no matter how small.

WT, temperature chamber

Because modern equipment is so quiet, such units can even be used in industrial and office environments and are comfortably managed from the top of a worktable or rolling stand.

These machines offer the same test specifications as the industrial thermal test and climate cabinets in a smaller-sized unit.
If, for instance, there is a need in the development laboratory for a quick experiment on a new prototype, rather than occupying valuable time on the larger, more expensive equipment purchased for the purposes of quality control, staff may simulate an environment anywhere from -75oC to +180oC at any relative humidity in just minutes without even leaving the lab.

Thus, even very small products can be tested under extreme conditions immediately. Weiss benchtop units are available in 34, 64, 100, 120, and 240 litre sizes in a variety of models.