Corrosion chambers with recirculating air and alternating climate control – SaltEvent SC / UKWT

With the weisstechnik corrosion chambers with recirculating air and alternating climate control SaltEvent SC / UKWT, you can simulate the effect of salt spray, condensation, and standard climates – individually, combined, and automatically. More

Alternating climate testing systems to test according to standards VSC-KWT

Salt spray atmospheres such as those prevailing along coastal areas or such as those prevailing on the roads in winter can be easily simulated by assigning our VSC and VSC-KWT series of salt spray testing systems. More

Corrosion testing with salt spray testing systems VSC

A very important feature of Salt Spray Testing Systems VSC is the ability to perform accelerated tests for achieving specific corrosion stress conditions. More

Corrosion alternating test chambers SaltEvent SC

With the Weiss Technik corrosion alternating test chambers SaltEvent SC, you can simulate the effect of salt spray and condensation. Reproducible, certified, and under accelerated conditions. More

Walk-In corrosion test chamber SC

In this chamber test specimens are exposed to salt spray or condensed water. Tests performed under these conditions provide valuable knowledge of the corrosion behavior of materials. More

Corrorsion climate alternating test units with controlled climate SC/UKWT

The series is characterised by its environmentally friendly overall design; it is absolutely corrosion-proof, has low energy requirements and is almost entirely built from recyclable materials. More

Corrosion climate alternating test units SC/KWT450 and SC/KWT1000

SC/KWT series salt-spray variable climate test chambers provide the opportunity to perform selective, reproducible and accelerated corrosion testing. More