Vötsch opens new production hall

Environmental simulation systems manufacturer Vötsch opened its new production hall in Balingen, representing a €3 million investment by the company in the development of the site.

Investment in the future of Vötsch Industrietechnik

Based in Balingen’s Frommern district, Vötsch Industrietechnik produces innovative environmental simulation systems for virtually any field of application. These systems are used around the world for temperature, climate, corrosion, dust, and combined stress testing, among other applications. Users can leverage these tests to simulate various environmental conditions for testing products, in particular under various temperature and humidity conditions. Such products are often automotive supplier parts, but even cellphone batteries need to be tested in climatic chambers.

The new hall provides approximately 1,700 sqm of production space. Here, the doors are manufactured for and the insulation applied to the devices and equipment sold around the world from Balingen under the Vötsch Technik® and Weiss Technik® brands.

Investment in the future of Vötsch Industrietechnik

“With this investment, Schunk aims to further strengthen Vötsch’s Balingen site, to make it fit for the future, and to enable further growth here,” said Dr. Arno Roth, Chair of the Executive Board at technology group Schunk, of which Vötsch Industrietechnik is a subsidiary, at the inauguration of the new hall. Schunk, headquartered in Heuchelheim in Hesse, employs some 8,100 people worldwide, and in 2015, achieved turnover of over €1 billion for the very first time.

“Vötsch Industrietechnik is already one of Schunk’s biggest locations,” states Peter R. Manolopoulos, Schunk executive board member and CEO of Vötsch Industrietechnik. “Vötsch Industrietechnik’s engineers and designers develop and plan top-quality, reliable environmental simulation systems for virtually any field of application. With the new hall, we’ve upgraded our production facilities to make them more modern and efficient,” continues Manolopoulos. The new hall should therefore provide the right conditions for optimizing production methods and processes, and thereby significantly improving productivity.

In Balingen for almost 75 years 
Vötsch Industrietechnik has been producing environmental simulation systems in Balingen since as far back as 1944. The company has been part of Schunk since 1995. Within the division Weiss Technik, which specializes in environmental simulation and air-conditioning technology, Vötsch Industrietechnik is the center of excellence for standard environmental simulation devices. Whether for temperature, climate, corrosion, dust, or combined stress testing, Vötsch Technik has the perfect solution.

In addition to its range of environmental simulation products, Vötsch Technik also offers a portfolio of heat technology products. These include heating and drying cabinets, cleanroom dryers, hot-air sterilizers, microwave devices, and industrial furnaces. The portfolio ranges from technologically sophisticated standard devices through customized solutions for individual production operations. Vötsch Industrietechnik has around 350 employees in Balingen and is therefore one of the largest industrial employers and vocational training providers in the region.