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Environmental friendly technology from Weiss Umwelttechnik – Energy efficiency – Green Mode

WEISS Green Mode Label
In automotive industry the climatic testing (environmental simulation) is the most important quality control testing mode, despite that these tests are costly for two reasons: on one side the high-tech test equipment is expensive, on the other hand the cost of energy is really high.

The high quality demands of international standards (ISO, DIN, ASTM, VDA etc.) specify generally long term temperature and climatic testing, and the long test time significantly increases the energy bill.

A typical ESS climatic test profile includes wide temperature range with up to 15 K/min temperature change rate. This requirement involves particularly high energy consumption in cooling phase.

Therefore, the world's leading manufacturers of climatic chambers invest a lot of money in development of an energy efficient climatic chamber type.


Green Mode – environmental friendly technology from Weiss Umwelttechnik

Green Mode = energy efficiency

  • Conservation of resources
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Longer service interval
  • Reduce operation costs

Energy-efficiency – from the first step

  • Analysis of the available media
  • Clarification of the available media
  • Best Equipment for the application
  • Integration in existing infrastructure
  • Option Green Mode and Green Mode+
  • New intelligent driven Systems

Conventional Chambers 
While a -40°C temperature and climatic chamber has a one stage conventional cooling aggregate, the -70°C temperature, climatic and heat shock chambers have cascade cooling system with two compressors. The cascade cooling system is used over the complete temperature range, so both compressors are working to rich -75°C. Thus, especially in fast cooling phase the energy consumption is very high.

Chamber with Green Mode

  • Pre cooling stage – Only one compressor used within the Green Mode range
  • Reduced power and cooling water consumption
  • Cascade – Only out of the Green Mode rage used

Weiss Test chamber with Green Mode
Customer benefits in Green Mode

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced cooling water consumption
  • Reduction of noise emission

Green Mode – range of application

Weiss, Range of application, Green Mode
Steps of a 24 hours quality testing cycle: only heat phase (rose), Green Mode (green) and cascade phase (blue).

Heat shock chamber
Specific Energy Consumption, Weiss Green Mode
Standard function
Test chamber, standard function, Weiss

Green Mode activated
Test chamber, Green Mode activated, Weiss

Savings through intelligent control

  • Shutdown of non-needed consumers
  • Optional additional hardware: timely activation of the corresponding chamber


New service

  • Energy counter (electric power consumption) – Integrated
  • Visualization on Touch – Absolute value – Relative value
  • Recording with Simpati

Test Chamber, Energy Counter, Weiss Green Mode