SC1000/15-60 IU – Corrosion test chamber for combined climate, temperature and salt spray tests

The units of salt spray test chambers allow selective and reproducible accelerated corrosion testing complying with the requirements of relevant national and international standards such as DIN, ISO, EN, IEC, ASTM, DEF, MIL-STD, etc.

Climate alternating corrosion test chamber SC1000-20-70 IU

The wide opening test chamber hood allows for loading heavy or bulky test specimens from the top. Two standard sizes are available.

Long-term corrosion tests are possible due to the large volume brine reservoir for the salt mist.

Corrosion Testing complying with standards
Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH – experts for environmental simulation systems – offer the corrosion climate alternating test chamber type SC 1000/15-60 IU with freezing to -15°C for accelerated corrosion testing of critical metal components complying with relevant standards.

The test system combines a climate test chamber with variable temperature and air humidity with salt spray tests complying with the standard DIN EN ISO 9227 (DIN 50021).

The system is suitable for cycling salt mist and climate tests in accordance with relevant standards for the automotive industry such as VDA 621-415 B.

The interior test space is made of corrosion resistant plastics. All components of the test space are made of neutral materials (plastics) which do not affect the corrosion process of the specimens.

For the test phase with salt mist the test space is temperature conditioned by means of heating elements, thus causing only slightest air movements. Therefore, salt mist deposits on the specimens.

Long-term corrosion tests are possible due to the large volume brine reservoir for the salt mist.

The corrosion climate test chamber for cycling tests type SC 1000/15-60 IU

  • Has a temperature range between +10°C and +60°C, 
  • With a temperature accuracy of ±0,5°C,
  • At air humidities between 10 and 95% r.h.,
  • With a humidity accuracy of ±3% r. h. for climate testing.

The chamber is therefore suitable for simulation of the values specified in the test standards

  • Typical settings are +50°C / 10% r.h. (dry climate) and +50°C / 95% r. h. (humid atmos-phere)
  • The dewpoint is between +6°C and +59°C
  • Temperature tests (without controlled humidity) can be performed to -15°C
  • As option, the working ranges can be extended and operation of the chamber with controlled climate and freezing according to further corrosion test standards is possible
  • The test space volume is more than 1,000 litres
  • The interior test space can almost completely be used for the specimens. Therefore large-dimensioned components such as complete car body parts can be placed in the test space.
  • The compact design only requires a little installation place
  • The test space floor is designed to carry a max. load of 100kg