Corrosion test chambers – Product range

The equipment adheres to the principle of combining technical function, ergonomics and design to provide the user with a testing system that is the best possible in every respect.

Corrosion test equipment

  • Corrosion chambers with recirculating air and alternating climate control – SaltEvent SC / UKWT
  • Climate change corrosion test chamber, SC 1000/15-60 IU
  • Corrosion alternating test chambers SaltEvent SC
  • Air pollutant test chamber, type AirEvent
  • Corrosion alternating test chambers SaltEvent SC
  • Alternating climate testing systems to test according to standards VSC-KWT 
  • Corrosion testing with salt spray testing systems VSC
  • VCC3 test chambers for testing the corrosion characteristics of materials
  • Salt Spray Test Chambers SC450 and SC1000
  • SC 1000/15-60 IU – Corrosion Test Chamber for combined climate, temperature and salt spray tests

  • Corrosion Climate Alternating Test Units SC/KWT450 and SC/KWT1000
  • Corrorsion Climate Alternating Test Units with Controlled Climate SC/UKWT
  • Walk In Corrosion Test Chamber SC

  • BSB – Climate Test Chambers for Noxious Gas Test

Corrosion Test Chambers
The system comprises a climate test chamber. All internal materials are of corrosion-resistant plastic. Temperature conditioning is indirect. The measuring sensors are made of corrosion-resistant plastic material.

Areas of Application

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Institutes and Laboratories
  • Materials and Substances
  • Renewable Energy